Sharpen Up Sharpening Services

A sharpening service for residents of Mount Pleasant and surrounding areas, near and far. Please phone prior to calling around to ensure I am about and your trip is not wasted.

Over 20 years sharpening experience, Est. 1996..........Kitchen Knives, Dressmaking Scissors & Garden Tools.

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Four Knives:
More than Four Knives:

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Dressmaking Scissors:
Dressmaking Shears:
Hedge Trimmers:


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So you have a pair of dressmaking scissors or tailors shears, well these cutting instruments need to be looked after and that is where I come in. I have been sharpening scissors and shears for over 20 years. Not free hand sharpening, precision work done on a quality scissor sharpening machine that enables me to set them up to your requirements. Don't allow well meaning people with no knowledge of sharpening near them, scissors can quickly be ruined by a poorly executed sharpening practice. Do your scissors and yourself a favour by bringing them to me.

Contact / Location

I am handily located at the bottom of Mount Pleasant and provide a same day or next day service.

Cyril Murray T/a  Sharpen Up
24 Aratoro Place (off McCormacks Bay Road)
Mt Pleasant,  Christchurch 8081

Mobile: 021 166 0613